Best Flies and DIY Spots: Easy Links

To access quickly info about the best flies and DIY river spots that have worked for me, links are below.

Best Flies and DIY Spots: Easy Links

Note that these are all amply-stocked waters that many already visit and about which much information already has been written both on-line and in books.

I’ve found that many rivers are sub-par. I track in my fishing journal what fly patterns work on which waters. So, the links below are a curated summary of flies that perform and rivers that produce. Trust me, I’ve spent many hours checking out various rivers only to find that they suck.

Of course, “your mileage may vary.” There are many flies and rivers out there with which I do not have experience. So much water, so many patterns!

But, I am not linking to waters or flies that have not, over repeated attempts, produced.

So, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.



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6 thoughts on “Best Flies and DIY Spots: Easy Links

  1. Hey, recently stumbled upon this blog and absolutely love it!

    Please don’t take this as a critique: I run an ad-tech company and the clipped 300×250 ad in the right sidebar has been driving me nuts (I’m slightly anal retentive). If you change the ‘padding-left’ attribute to 6px for the


    aside id=”custom_html-4″> element, you can center it and it will look a lot better!

    Thanks again for the content, can’t tell you how much it’s helped exploring local rivers near Boston.


    1. Appreciate the feedback. Will take a look. FWIW, I just followed the instructions for AdSense and cut and paste whatever code they had generated. Hopefully they will have someone like you on their team one day!

      1. Yeah, it’s the element wrapping the AdSense tag that’s cropping the ad itself, as it’s just too narrow and the padding is too wide. No matter where you put a banner ad, as long as its wrapped in an iFrame it will always retain static dimensions and just crush everything else around it, so usually you have to make some accommodations in your site’s HTML to make sure it’ll play nice. Reason #236 why banners kinda stink.

        Oh well, not a big deal, but figured I’d point out an easy fix in case any of your other readers have site-design OCD like me.

        Thanks again, slung some streamers on the Deerfield this weekend on recommendations from your site and was able to turn some heart-stopping fish! None in the net unfortunately, but soon enough!

        1. Hey Ben, I tried the Deerfield too this weekend off Zoar Rd. A couple fish were landed in the short time I was there. My friend who was with me broke off 2 large rainbows on back to back casts so don’t feel too bad!

          1. Ashu, I think I ran into you when you guys first got to the river at the pullout about a mile off of Rt. 2. You were the guys from UNH, right? Good to hear you got into some fish!

            I moved a BIG brown with a big articulated sculpin in some fast water fishing from that first pullout, but he didn’t hit it unfortunately. In retrospect I was too stubborn and kept fishing huge flies in hopes of landing a whale, and only as the sun was setting did I finally give in and switch to something more digestable, which is when I got an actual hit. Nice mid-sized brown, but he hit at an awkward time in the swing and I couldn’t set it properly.

            LMK next time you hit up the Deerfield, love that river, especially now with everything else being kinda blown out.

            1. Yup, that was us! Thanks for suggesting that spot earlier, it was definitely worth it for sure! We were nymphing with pheasant tails and the usual small stuff but further up, it started to look more and more like streamer water. I’ll probably get out on the Deerfield once more this year so I’d like to meet up

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