The Connecticut River ‘Trophy Stretch’ in Pittsburg, NH

TL;DR: Best flies and spots. One of the prettiest rivers in all of New England.   Oddly chunky. Taped at 16" length, 10" girth. #nofilter #flyfishing #euronymphing #thomasandthomasflyrods #orvis /cc @talltimberlodgenh A post shared by (@blogflyfish) on Jun 30, 2017 at 5:01am PDT The Connecticut River “Trophy Stretch” is in Pittsburg, NH, and has

Will Kirousis: the East Branch of the Swift River

I’m really grateful to Will Kirousis for often commenting on blog posts and offering insights. I also am grateful that he volunteered to write about a river about which I’ve heard good things and for which there is very little info offered in writing: the East Branch of the Swift River. When I received the