Best Flies and DIY Spots: Easy Links

To access quickly info about the best flies and DIY river spots that have worked for me, links are below.

Best Flies and DIY Spots: Easy Links

Note that these are all amply-stocked waters that many already visit and about which much information already has been written both on-line and in books.

But, I’ve found that many rivers are sub-par. I track in my fishing journal what fly patterns work on which waters. So, the links below are a curated summary of flies that perform and rivers that produce. Trust me, I’ve spent many hours checking out various rivers only to find that they suck.

Of course, “your mileage may vary.” There are many flies and rivers out there with which I do not have experience. So much water, so many patterns!

But, I am not linking to waters or flies that have not, over repeated attempts, produced.

So, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.



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